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Every genius loci contains facts that draw attention.

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It is always amazing what hidden connections can be shown in a comprehensible way.

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Schönheit löst bei allen Menschen ein gutes Gefühl aus, egal ob es sich um ein Gebäude, die Natur, ein Gemälde oder Menschen handelt.

Wissenschaftler sagen, das passiert bereits nach den ersten 750ms!

Castles | Churches | monasteries

Secret Bauhütte Knowledge - Live! Perfect staging of light and architecture to marvel at. Use instead of aesthetics - from the castle to the palace. Be amazed instead of dreaming.

romantic street

Best of Bavaria . Classics from north to south. Post-war marketing idea about 460 km long . Sights and monuments like pearls on a necklace. Come and be amazed, with the crowning glory at Neuschwanstein Castle .

Fascination Munich

" Notoriously wonderful " - as the writer and Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann put it. Liberalitas Bavariae - live and let live.

traditions | Customs | art

Tradition and future go hand in hand. " Mia san Mia " - knowing the contemporary background is important. Bayern has always enjoyed a special role .

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Frank am STA See

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As a graduate industrial engineer with an additional MBA degree from a renowned university in England (EMBA, EQUIS and AACSB accredited), I have been showing other, often surprising, paths to success for more than 30 years at C-Level (Head of Marketing and Sales worldwide).

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