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BMW Welt – mobility with all the senses

By Frank

June 17, 2020

The BMW Welt is unique in its futuristic architecture - it combines design and function in equal measure.

With around 3 million visitors per year, BMW World is the most visited attraction in Bavaria. Neuschwanstein Castle in the Allgäu, in second place on the popularity list, "only" fascinates around 1.3 million visitors . What makes BMW Welt so popular? All year round, visitors can look forward to a varied program of events from culture, art and entertainment as well as culinary delights in several restaurants. Whether it's a jazz concert , poetry slam, clubbing , improv theatre, family Sunday, film premiere, gala event or panel discussion - BMW Welt offers an ideal platform for innovative events for up to 2,500 guests.

The brain and heart of the BMW Group are located in Munich. Right next to the BMW high-rise, also known as the "four-cylinder" , is the BMW plant in Munich, the parent plant of the BMW brand . The BMW Group's research and innovation center is also in the immediate vicinity, where around 9,000 employees work on future-oriented solutions .

AHA! Cool ...

Experience and event site

The BMW World is a combined exhibition, delivery, adventure and event location in the immediate vicinity of the "four-cylinder", the company headquarters of BMW. When buying a new vehicle, every BMW customer has the opportunity to pick up their new vehicle in the heart of the brand , in the BMW World. Many BMW customers and fans, who have often traveled a long way, take advantage of this opportunity and experience an unforgettable day .

The BMW World was built from August 2003 to the summer of 2007 - construction costs around 500 million euros.

Event gastronomy - gourmet restaurant "dining room"

Admittedly, a restaurant in a car showroom doesn't sound very sexy, except maybe for men who would rather spend money on motor oil than olive oil anyway. All the nicer is the surprise when entering the restaurant: the dining room is on the third floor , high above the actual happenings.

The gourmet restaurant ESS , run by star chef Bobby Bräuer, has two Michelin stars and 18 Gault & Millau points . And with Bobby Bräuer there is also a man at the stove, with whom possible prejudices tend to be positive anyway: Bräuer, born in 1961, worked at the beginning of his career with legendary kitchen greats such as André Jaeger in the 'Fischerzunft', in the ' Schweizer Stuben ' worked under Dieter Müller and finally as sous-chef of Eckart Witzigmann in the ' Aubergine '. As chef de cuisine, he ran the 'Victorian' in Düsseldorf and the ' Königshof ' in Munich. Such a vita creates trust.

There is also the Bavarie , our international restaurant on the first floor, and the Biker's Lodge and Cooper's Snack Bar . As a result, BMW World has also become a culinary meeting place .

BMW Welt – mobility with all the senses

sushi salmon

Air Design

The building also relies on so-called air design , or to put it another way, it is scented . Over 70% of our emotions are influenced by the sense of smell . Fragrance awakens feelings that the mind cannot control. If a person is to feel comfortable, they must be able to smell their surroundings.

Experts distinguish between conscious and unconscious aromas . The BMW World in Munich, for example, uses an unconscious scent that is so subtle that visitors are not consciously aware of it. Fragrances offer multi-sensory experiences that have a positive effect on the perceived quality of services and products.

Our nose is incorruptible . What we smell can do far more in our soul than what we see or hear . Over 70% of our emotions are influenced by the sense of smell . Tiny scent molecules are absorbed with our nose. They stimulate the approximately 20 million olfactory nerve cells . These convert the scent into an electrical signal and cause an immediate reaction in the brain , as they are directly connected to the innermost control center , the so-called limbic system .

The limbic system not only controls the emotional life , it also houses the memory for scents . According to the signals received , the brain triggers the release of hormones that stimulate or soothe glands and internal organs. Fragrance awakens feelings that the mind cannot control . The sense of smell is the "gateway to the soul " they say. No sensory perception takes place as quickly as smelling and triggers an intense experience . Smell is the most immediate of all senses . Before you see something, you have usually already smelled and recognized it.

BMW Welt – mobility with all the senses

Inside the BMW World Hall with a spacious experience area

Fragrances are therefore particularly well suited as an innovative instrument to increase people's sense of well-being , to strengthen a brand , to promote products , to actively retain customers and, last but not least, for non- verbal communication !

A well-balanced, subtle room fragrance

  • lift the mood
  • increases well-being
  • conveys a feeling of being "at home".

"Where it smells fine , the appearance of a room,
the quality of products and services,
the friendliness and competence of people
rated higher,

than in places where that is not the case.”

A light breeze of pleasant scents :

  • causes positive customer behavior and customer loyalty
  • lengthens the customer 's dwell time, because where it smells good...
  • increases the desire to buy and thus sales
  • brings a new shopping experience for your customers
  • eliminates negative odors (e.g. rubber smell from tires) and improves air quality
  • creates decisive competitive advantages

"The art is that people immediately feel comfortable in a room."


Architectural masterpiece

Conceived as a "floating field of clouds" (according to architect Professor Wolf D. Prix from the Viennese office Himmelb(l)au). Symbolically speaking, a kind of “roof cloud” flows out of this. Architect Professor Wolf Prix combined speed and lightness in the 180 meter long car palace . The 16,000 m² roof cloud that emerges from the formative double cone is supported by only twelve pendulum supports and gives the impression of floating .

bmw world with connecting bridge

BMW Welt with "floating cloud field"

It has a height of approx. 30m and a diameter of around 40m , built from approx. 680 tons of steel . In its spiral movement, it deforms the dynamic forces and allows them to merge with the regular construction grid of the main roof. The imposing building with the 28 meter high double cone is reminiscent of a hurricane . Each of his steel profiles is made with an individual template and was only allowed to deviate from the specifications by a maximum of two millimeters during construction. Important data cables also run through these profiles.

Architect Prix was touched by the completion of his mammoth project at the opening ceremony. "I'm really proud ," he said. The roof is so big that it could cover St. Mark's Square in Venice. Nevertheless, the building does not have the "boredom of an exhibition hall". Quite immodestly, Prix even compared the “ BMW World ” to the ancient Acropolis of Athens. It was once not only a temple, but also a marketplace, communication center and meeting place for knowledge transfer . He has now created a new interpretation of these uses in Munich.

What's exciting to see?

BMW museum

BMW Welt – mobility with all the senses

BMW museum

Mobility combined with sportiness, elegance, dynamism and passion - that's what the BMW Museum has stood for since it opened in 1973.

The exhibition with historic automobiles , motorcycles, racing and aircraft engines allows visitors to experience the horizons of BMW technology and design history : from the beginning of the last century to the new millennium.

Visitors can wander through the "museum streets" along 25 main topics and gather a variety of impressions at the pulse of the brand .

The permanent exhibition extends over around 4,000 m² and houses over 120 of the most valuable and attractive automobiles, motorcycles and engines from nine decades of BMW history. The permanent exhibition is connected to the museum bowl by a bridge .

The heart of the brands

Many BMW customers and fans, who have often traveled a long way, take advantage of this opportunity and experience an unforgettable day . As a brand experience space, BMW Welt invites you to delve deep into the company . Changing product exhibitions, all automobile series and motorcycles, as well as numerous interactive exhibits show the visitor the world of BMW, BMW M, BMW i, BMW Motorrad, MINI and Rolls Royce. Each brand is represented with its own brand experience area .

In addition, interactive exhibits open up numerous points of contact and give every visitor the opportunity to actively experience the brands . All vehicles are open and can be experienced with all senses from the driver's seat.

BMW world

At the Olympic Park 1

80809 Munich

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