Oktoberfest without a pretzel? That would be like Christmas without the Stollen! On the side of a cool

The pretzel - picture pastry, landmark and Lenten food

Raising the maypole is one of the most popular traditions throughout Bavaria. it is the day

Maypole - Day of the Irxenschmoiz

At tent festivals, at church days, at folklore events and village festivals: the Schuhplattler must not be missing and do

Schuhplatteln – UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Roseninsel, which is about 170 meters from the western shore of Lake Starnberg, is his

Prehistoric pile dwellings – Rose Island

The name originally comes from the driver's whip, which in the Bavarian dialect is called "Goassl", i.e. whip

Goaßlschnalzen - tradition with supersonic bang

The tradition of collective alpine farming can be traced back to 1000 AD. In these times

Viehscheid – "Summa is umma, Kiakemma"

The most powerful people have always inspired architects; the architect was always under suggestion

Architecture and power - style epochs

According to legend, the Weißwurst was served on a Shrove Monday in 1857 in the Munich inn

White sausage breakfast - the perfect start to the day

Mozart statue at Mozartplatz in SalzburgSalzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria and the capital of

Mozart City Salzburg – Rome of the North

About 20,000 years ago today's Tegernsee valley was created by the advance of a glacier tongue in

Tegernsee – from “tegarin seo” to “Lago di bonzo”