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White sausage breakfast - the perfect start to the day

By Frank

February 19, 2023

According to legend, the white sausage was invented on a Rose Monday in 1857 in the Munich inn “Zum Ewigen Licht”. Back then, the butcher Sepp Moser had allegedly miscalculated the sheep casings for his veal sausages and filled his meat into pig casings without further ado . Fearing that this might burst while frying , he scalded the sausage in hot water .

AHA, cool...

Since there were no refrigerators in Sepp Moser's day and the sausage was perishable , it should always be freshly prepared and put on the table. And this is also the origin of the Bavarian rule that white sausages must not hear the "twelve o'clock bell" . The precious dish had to be bought in the morning if possible and eaten before the midday heat .

According to another explanation, Weißwurst should have been sold in restaurants in the morning to craftsmen who had to make room for more affluent customers by midday. Today white sausages are scalded, which makes them last longer; moreover , nowadays they can of course be cooled . Nevertheless, most Bavarians traditionally eat the white sausages before twelve o'clock.


In the past, veal was usually used in the traditional production of the “ Munich Weißwurst ”. In the Official Gazette of the City of Munich from March 1972, it is pointed out that the muscle portion of white sausages must consist primarily of veal .

In addition to bacon and additional connective tissue (so-called “ skin stuff ”), the starting material is young beef with few tendons and fatty tissue, roughly desinewed veal and young beef and pork rich in fatty tissue .

Special case "Original Munich Weißwurst"

In contrast to the "Munich Weisswurst", an " Original Munich Weisswurst" or "Real Munich Weisswurst" must not be made without veal . In the case of these white sausages — which must be produced in Munich — the requirement stated in the Official Journal of the City of Munich in 1972 applies that the meat portion must consist primarily of veal . (Source: Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety).

White sausage production by hand

white sausage production

Other components

The white sausage is one of the boiled sausages and is made from veal, young beef that is low in tendons and fatty tissue, pork that is rich in fatty tissue, cooked parts of the head of veal (in the case of Munich white sausage) and pork rinds and seasoned with parsley , onions and lemon zest . And ice cream : Yes, ice cream is actually an important part of the white sausage. It is used to keep the meat cool so it doesn't get warm during the manufacturing process and cause the fat to ooze out of the meat.

The perfect white sausage is about 12 - 15 cm long and weighs between 80 - 90 grams .


Simply -

  • Bring a saucepan with water, parsley and a little salt to the boil, remove from the stove(!)
  • Now put the white sausages in the water and let them soak for 10-15 minutes

The white sausages are then perfectly cooked and ready to be eaten.

Consumption – there are two variants…

1. Cut the white sausage :

In Bavaria, the Weißwurst is not eaten with a knife and fork, but is "covered".

  • Pick up the Weißwurst (important: keep the skin on!)
  • Dip the sausage generously in the sweet mustard
  • Put the end of the sausage in your mouth and suck the sausage meat out of the sausage with a vacuum . You can also support this with your tongue and teeth.
  • Repeat this until the sausage is empty. In the end, only the sausage casing remains.

2. Eating white sausage with a knife and fork :

  • Cut the skin of the sausage lengthways with a sharp knife
  • “Pull out” the sausage starting from one end
  • After the meat has been removed from the casing, you can simply cut the sausage into bite-sized pieces .

A traditional white sausage breakfast is mostly eaten on Sundays or public holidays . For a veal sausage breakfast, you plan on average 2-3 veal sausages per person - as a general rule, it has to be " an odd number ".

Side dishes

An integral part of a Weißwurst breakfast is a pretzel fresh from the oven . It goes simply heavenly with white sausage. Classically sweet mustard is served with a white sausage. With the sour vinegar, the sweet mustard also makes the fatty white sausage easier to digest.

wheat beer

The wheat beer is pleasantly refreshing and sparkling and cheers you up. This is exactly why there is a wheat beer with a Bavarian breakfast. Because it fits best. Alternatively, a light one is also possible...


The White Sausage Queen

White Sausage Queen Emblem

White Sausage Queen Emblem

The annual coronation of a white sausage queen is an important part of Bavarian culture and is celebrated with much ceremony. Selection is normally made through an application process and/or regional pre-selections . Before the coronation, the candidates are presented at an event where they can present themselves and their culinary skills to the public.

The coronation itself usually takes place at a big festival, where the candidates appear before a jury in traditional Bavarian costume . The jury evaluates the candidates on the basis of appearance, charm and knowledge of Bavarian cuisine and culture. At the end, the winner is crowned and receives a crown and the title of White Sausage Queen.

After the coronation, the Weißwurstkönigin represents Bavarian cuisine and culture at various events, fairs and festivals at home and abroad . Using her intercultural skills, she approaches people and is committed to promoting Bavarian cuisine and helping to make Bavarian culture and traditions known outside of Bavaria .

Weisswurst Academy

At the Weisswurst Academylearn the studentsthere by master butcher Norbert Wittmanneverything about the production of white sausagesi.e. how to make the white sausage mass from pork, veal and spices and how to fill it in the intestines up to thePreparation and "slicing"a real, traditional Bavarian white sausage. You also learn how the white sausage came about and how it became an important part of Bavarian culture.

Overall, a Weißwurst Academy offers a unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to appreciate and enjoy the Bavarian culture and tradition of the Weißwurst .

And after so much theory and practice, you can of course taste the result in the rustic Weißwurst-Stubn.

A fresh pretzel, with saißen Sempf and a wheat beer to go with it.

What's exciting to see

Weisswurst Museum

From the 400-year-old chopping block to the wooden refrigerator with an ice block compartment and old-fashioned cutters , meat grinders and cutting machines : we have put together an extraordinary collection in our 150 square meter museum.

Something this crazy hardly ever happens on the drawing board. The Weißwurstmuseum owes everything to the family's passion for collecting and a happy coincidence: Georg Wittmann, father of the current company owner Norbert Wittmann and also a butcher, had started collecting nostalgic butcher's tools years ago. When he showed his treasures to the family, Norbert Wittmann was so enthusiastic that he went in search of more finds . That turned out to be not so easy.

Eventually he got the all-important tip via detours: A butcher in the Swabian town of Sielenbach has a cellar that is filled with a wide variety of butchery equipment, some of which is over a hundred years old .

Just a week later, Norbert Wittmann was the proud owner of a 150-year-old butcher's shop that was originally preserved . Almost all of their equipment, which is still functional, depicts the entire production process in a butcher's shop from the 18th to 19th centuries . This laid the foundation for the museum. Incidentally, it is the first of its kind in Bavaria!

White Sausage Museum

Weißwurstmuseum Source: Metzgerei Wittmann GmbH

white sausage museum with accessories

White Sausage Museum - Accessories Source: Metzgerei Wittmann GmbH

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