Facades, fountains, spiers, bridges or manhole covers - the Munich Kindl is omnipresent in the

Munich Kindl – for over 600 years…

It was like a small revolution when the city council here in Munich allowed the gastronomy

Sidewalk cafés – a bit of greenery with waiter service

June 1861 – Munich had around 150,000 inhabitants – marked the birth of local public transport

Development of local public transport in Munich

"Notoriously wonderful," as the writer and Nobel Prize winner for literature Thomas Mann put it. The Free State has

Munich – Tradition and future go hand in hand

The Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival of its kind in the world and generated sales of 2018

Munich Oktoberfest – O'zapt is…

The BMW Welt is unique in its futuristic architecture - it combines design and function

BMW Welt – mobility with all the senses

It is one of the most beautiful and elegant works of 20th century architecture. Stable and light,

Olympic Park - static and optical masterpiece

The Munich Frauenkirche - Metropolitan Church of Our Lady - was built instead of a three-aisled pillar basilica

Frauenkirche - Cathedral of Our Lady